Enable 5 settings to keep WhatsApp account safe

Enable 5 settings to keep WhatsApp account safe
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Keep WhatsApp account safe : – Popular messaging app WhatsApp has been targeting users for a long time regarding its privacy policy. Its direct benefit is being given to other apps, whose number of downloads is increasing day and night. But, do you know that there are many such settings in the WhatsApp app, with which you can make your WhatsApp more secure. With the help of these settings, you can hide your profile photo and also hide the status.

Enable 5 settings to keep WhatsApp account safe

Let us further inform you about these basic settings. Before giving information about these settings, let us tell you that at the moment WhatsApp has postponed its privacy policy update, now it has been extended to May 15.

Whatsapp group privacy

Many times it happens that on WhatsApp, we are made a part of a group, which we do not want to be a part of. In such a situation, if you make a setting, no one will be able to add you to the WhatsApp group without your permission. For this, just by going to the privacy settings of WhatsApp, you have to enable the group settings.

Two-step verification

Apart from this, 2-step verification must be turned on to secure your WhatsApp account. After doing this, you have to enter a 6-digit PIN to reset or verify WhatsApp. This extra security layer feature of WhatsApp comes in handy when the SIM is lost. To enable it, go to the settings of WhatsApp. Now you have to go to account settings and go to 2-step verification.

Hide whatsapp profile photo

This is quite an amazing feature, in which you can hide your profile picture and last scene as you want. For this, you have to go to the privacy settings of WhatsApp settings and click on the profile picture. Here you will see the option of only my contact, all contacts or Nobody. You can select any of these options.

Make whatsapp status private

If you want only a few people in your contact list to see the WhatsApp status imposed by you, then this task is also quite easy. The status privacy feature can be accessed from the Settings section of the app, and here users can choose to display their status in a particular contact list or limit it to only saved contacts.

Lock whatsapp

You can also lock in WhatsApp to secure your account. After this lock, you will always have to do a fingerprint scan to open WhatsApp. IOS users can also use Face-ID or Touch-ID instead of fingerprint. Apart from this, you will have to enable it at the end by going inside the privacy in the settings. After enabling, now you set the lock time. After which you want to lock your WhatsApp.


As you all will know, WhatsApp is a social media messaging app through which you can communicate with your close ones. Some of your important chats and data are also available in WhatsApp, which is also very important to keep safe. If you do not want to receive messages from any person on WhatsApp, then the easiest and best way is to block his profile. There are two options for this, which are available on individual chats along with the settings. That’s why you should use these 5 methods mentioned above to increase the security of your WhatsApp.