What Is DealShare Apk? How To Download DealShare Apk?

What Is DealShare Apk
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What Is DealShare Apk? How To Download DealShare Apk? – In our daily use, we need food making materials and clothes to wear and many items that come in daily use. Which we buy by going to the grocery stores around us, but nowadays as everything is becoming digital, nowadays we order and order items related to Grocery Fashion and many things at our home. We get daily use items at affordable prices at home and our time is also saved.

We will tell you about one such apk, the name of this apk is Dealshare. What is DealShare? What are its features? How to download DealShare? Let’s start-

What Is DealShare Apk?

DealShare is an online shopping apk in which you can order Grocery Fashion stationery and many other categories of goods by ordering from home. Which brings essential goods to your home at affordable prices. Although this apk is not available everywhere but in some cities delivery is possible through this app.

In this apk, all the goods related to your grocery are found, you can order the same using this app in both Hindi and English. With the purchase in this app, you also get some benefit, like some offers are going on on some goods, which you can take advantage of.

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Features Of DealShare Apk?

  1. In DealShare apk, you get the option of Earning, in which you can take advantage of some more by ordering.
  2. You can use this Apk in two languages ​​Hindi and English.
  3. One option is available in this apk DealShare Premier League. In which you get many good options.
  4. If you share this Apk to 3 people then you get benefit of up to ₹ 100.
  5. Through this app you can order and ask for items related to fruits, vegetables, grocery, cleaning, personal care, Kikchen.

How To Download DealShare Apk?

DealShare Apk has been downloaded by 1M+ people on play store so far. And the rating of this app is 4.1, to download this apk, you have to follow the steps given below.

  • To download DealShare Apk, first you have to open Play Store.
  • Now you have to search by typing DealShare in the search box.
  • Now DealShare apk will come in front of you, install it by clicking on Install button.
  • After sometime this apk will be downloaded successfully.
  • Now you can open your app and after opening you have to login to this app by entering your mobile number and area pin code.


Friends, today we told you about a DealShare apk in which you can order many more items like grocery and ask at home. Hope you liked the information given by us and if you liked this article, then definitely share it with your friends.