After Cancellation Of Tatkal Ticket, You Get Full Refund, Know What Is The Process?

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After Cancellation Of Tatkal Ticket, You Get Full Refund, Know What Is The Process? – Hello friends how are you all?  Hope you are all healthy.  I once again welcome all of you to our brand new article.  In this article today, we have brought information on a very important subject for you.  Today we are going to tell you in this article how to get refund on cancellation of Tatkal ticket?  So friends, if you also want to know how to refund money on canceling Tatkal tickets, then read our article till the last.

 Friends, as you all know, traveling in a train is very comfortable.  But it will be comfortable only when you travel through the reservation.  Friends, if you want to avoid the crowds in the train and want to travel comfortably, then for that you will have to make your reservation before traveling.  But to get a reservation, you need to book a ticket at least 2 weeks in advance.

 Sometimes we have to go somewhere without a plan.  Sometimes we suddenly get some business related work, due to which we have to go out somewhere.  In this situation we are not able to get our reservation done.  If you travel with General coatch, you will have to face a lot of crowd.  The only way to avoid all these problems is to book your Tatkal ticket.

 Booking Tatkal tickets is a process in which you can book a reservation ticket 24 hours in advance of your journey.  In this, you have to pay 30% extra charge.  If a seat is vacant then your seat is reserved and you can travel by enjoying the reservation.

 Friends, sometimes we reserve our Tatkal ticket but due to some sudden work, we are unable to go on our journey.  Because of which we have to cancel our Tatkal ticket.  Friends, the biggest disadvantage of canceling Tatkal tickets is that you do not get money refunds.

 Friends, many people think that if you cancel an instant ticket, you do not get a refund in exchange for that, but friends it is not like that at all.  If you cancel Tatkal tickets, you get a refund.  In some special conditions you can get your money refund.

 Friends, if you want to know what is the condition in which money is refunded for canceling Tatkal tickets.  Below we are going to give you complete information?

 If Three Hours Late Train 

 Friends, we are sure you will not know this condition.  If your train is threee hours late, then you can withdraw the entire money for immediate reservation.  These are some of the rules of the railway, which are not known to all, due to which people are not able to take advantage of them.  Friends, if you want to take advantage of this facility, then you must have knowledge about it.

 If you are planning to travel somewhere and you have booked your ticket , but your train has not arrived on time, then you cannot wait more than 3 hours.  If you wait for more than 3 hours, you can get all your money back from the railway.

  Change Of Train Route

 When you book your Tatkal ticket, the train route is written in your ticket.  But friends, if for some reason the train does not go by its decided route, then you can claim your money on the railway and withdraw your money from them.  It also comes under the rule of Railways.

 On Cancellation Of Train

 Friends, but you have booked an tatkal ticket, but the train for which you have booked your seat is a train cancel, then you can withdraw your money from the railway by writing an application.  According to the rules of the railway, if the train you book your seat is canceled, then you will get full refund for it.

 In The Condition Of Coach Damage

 Friends, for your information, tell that in any coach in which you have booked Tatkal ticket, if there is any damage in that coach then you can withdraw your money.  According to railway rules, if any damage comes to your coach, then the railway will refund you all the money.  For this, you have to write the application.

If Rain Does Not Leave The Boarding Station –

 By the way, the entire train stops at the boarding station.  But if any train is not stopping at the boarding station for any reason, you can take refund your money from the railway.

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 This was some special condition for you, under which condition you can withdraw money for your Tatkal ticket from Railways.  Today’s information will be very important for you.  This information of today ends here.  Today in this article, we told you how to take refund from railway for canceling Tatkal ticket.  We hope you like this information.  If you want to get this kind of information, then read our article daily.  Thank you very much for your valuable time.  Good Day