Google Pixel 4A Specification

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No information has been made about the price of Google Pixel 4a smartphone from Google yet. But according to information received from social media and media reports, the price of this smartphone can be around ₹ 26000.

Google Pixel 4A – Specification

According to the information received from media reports, you can get a 6.4-inch HD display in the Google Pixel 4a smartphone. In Google Pixel 4a smartphone, you will get 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. If we talk about the battery of this smartphone, then you will get 5000mh battery here.

Google Pixel 4A – Performance

According to the information received from the media report, in the Google Pixel 4A smartphone, you are being given 4A smartphone Snapdragon 730 powerful processor. You will get 5G connectivity in this smartphone. That is to say, Google Pixel 4a will be a 5G smartphone. We have not yet received information about more features of this smartphone.

Google Pixel 4A – Camera

In Google Pixel 4a smartphone you will get to see 12.2 megapixel camera. If we talk about the front camera, then here you can get a 5 megapixel selfie camera for selfie. The quality of the camera of Google smartphone is tremendous anyway. You do not need to worry about the camera in Google smartphone. Honor 9A Smartphone Price and Specification

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