How to Earn Money From group in Whatsapp?

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Friends, 256 members can live together in a group in WhatsApp, that’s why it is the only medium in which you will get so many people.

* Tell all your friends and relatives to form a good group so that everyone can benefit from them and ask them to share the information of the group with other people as well.

* Once the group has been created in WhatsApp, you remove all the numbers from there.

* You can also use Facebook with this, here too you can get the link of many WhatsApp groups.

* You can also use some paid apps from Google Play Store which can provide category wise members to you.

Just need to be patient here because you will not get a lot of people in your group in one or two nights this process takes place in 2 months 4 months 6 months.

Use link setting service

Friends, this is a very easy process and it is very easy to use, in this you have to shorten the link of big popular website for which you can use the shopping service when you have shortened the link, then share the link. You have to do it and when someone shares the link, you get money in exchange for it.

For this, you will have to do research on the website, which are such websites which share automatic viral and popular, which people like, you have to be in search of such a good article and along with that you can get viral videos of good photo interest videos. You can also use the link.

Let’s get all these things, after that you go to the website and from there, shorten its link and publish it in WhatsApp group, it is a simple thing that everyone wants to see entertainment things, after that what will they do that people You will get paid in exchange for clicking on the link like above.

Affiliated Marketing

Friends Affiliate Marketing is also a very good medium to tell those who do not know about Affiliate Marketing, this is also the way to sell any other product, you get commission on selling a product. There are some branded companies like that. Keeps users who are always active on social media, they are there to tell people about their product And offer you a product called to promote and when someone buy you that products are given you money in return.

Join PPD program.

In this, you will be given money instead of downloading, in this you will have to join any PPD program and you have to download its product in your phone. The more traffic you have created while doing this, the more your money will increase.

By referring recharge app

You can earn a lot of money by referring to the recharge app, but you do not get direct money for this, you get a lot of offers like free recharge paytm cash, to do this, you have to share the reference link of such apps in WhatsApp group like Others will join the app by clicking on your link, however you will get money for this. Which you can use for recharge and shopping.