What is PayPal?

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PayPal was first launched in the US in December 1998. It is an American company. According to the 2010 survey, PayPal currently has 100 million users.

It is mainly used by businessmen to take money from customers, if you want to create your own account, then you can also create your own account by just filling some details.

This is a very reliable application, which is being used very much from home to abroad.

Types of PayPal account

1-Personal account

In PayPal, you are also given a system to create a personal account which you can use privately, it is mostly used by people doing business of these employees.

2- Business account

This account is also used for money transactions, but it is mainly used by the big business men who send goods to their customers from abroad.

3- premier account

It is known by its name that in this, you get many features which you can use in different ways.
In this, you can unlimited credit and debit.

How to create PayPal account ??

  • First of all, go to its official website www.PayPal.com.
  • Now you have to click in the signup button and select in personal account.
  • Now a form will be opened in front of you, in which some information has been asked from you, which you will have to fill, in which you will have to fill your country, live mail, password.
  • Now if you want, you can connect your credit card to PayPal.
  • Now you have to get your email verified
  • Now your account is ready, now you have to download PayPal application on your phone, all your work will be done from this only.
  • In this way, your PayPal account is ready and you can use it.

Benefits of PayPal

By using this, all your information is kept confidential and safe when you do any transaction with it, then PayPal does not share any information related to credit card.

You are charged the least in PayPal, you are charged at least for making any transaction, but you do not have to pay any charges if you have a normal account.

Its biggest feature is that you do not have to enter any details of your credit card while making the transaction.

So friends, this was some special information related to PayPal, hope you will like it and you will stay with us to get new information. Thanks a lot