How To Secure Twitter Account

How To Secure Twitter Account
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How To Secure Twitter Account – Friends, today I will tell you how to secure your twitter account. Friends, in today’s time, technology has advanced so much, that no one knows when your social media accounts are hacked and it is common for this to happen in today’s time. So if you also want to secure your twitter account, then today I am going to give you information related to what you should keep in mind to keep your account secure. And what are the things you should and should not do, so let’s see.

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Do’s and Don’ts For Secure Twitter Account

  1. Friends, whenever you enter your twitter password, always try to make a strong password of 10 characters so that no one can judge it.
  2. And whenever you enter the password, you must always use upper case, lower case and symbols and numbers inside the password while entering the password. This makes your password much stronger.
  3. And always you should create different password for every social media account and not keep the same password for all social media account. By doing this all your social media accounts can be hacked.
  4. And whenever you fill your personal information here. So always keep in mind that you never fill your correct information here. Because someone can also misuse it, as if your phone number is lost and your date of birth, then you must keep this thing in mind.
  5. And always keep in mind that whenever you create your password. So you should never use dictionary words, such as iLoveYou.
  6. And whenever you create your password, never keep your password in sequence while creating the password. For example, abcd1234, take special care of this thing.

How To Secure Twitter Account

Friends, now let me tell you, what can you do to keep your twitter account secure-

  • Friends, along with log in verification inside your twitter account, you can also use one time password inside it. And you can increase your security layer a lot. And if you do this, then by doing this your account gets very good security and your account remains secure.
  • And friends, you should always keep in mind that you always keep your phone number and email there for password reset by always adding it. So that you can recover it in case of trouble.
  • And always keep in mind that if anyone sends you any unknown link. So you never click on it and if you ever click on any link, and after clicking, it asks you to login. So you should never login inside it, by doing this your password gets shown to your hackers. Due to which the chances of your account being hacked increase significantly. So avoid doing this.
  • And never give your twitter account password to any third user. Because many times people login with their twitter account to a third party to increase their follow year. Due to which there is a possibility of hacking of their account. So you must keep this thing in mind.
  • And whenever you login inside twitter, you should always check the url of twitter while login and always login on the official website of twitter.


Friends, to keep your twitter account secure, take care of all these things and try. Never click on any unknown link.