Never search these 5 things on Google , may have to suffer huge losses

Never search these 5 things on Google
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Never search these 5 things on Google – Nowadays the answers to almost all the questions are available on Google. That’s why Google is the most popular search engine. Through Google search, we get all kinds of information sitting at home, which has made our life much easier. Today all kinds of information are available on the search engine platform Google. But not necessarily every information on Google is accurate.

Never search these 5 things on Google

Currently, online fraud is being carried out by creating a fake website on Google. So it is better not to search for some things on Google. With this, the user can avoid online scam. Also, the data theft incident is carried out on Google. In such a situation, the user should avoid searching for some things on Google.

Online bank Search

Online banking has made our life a lot easier. Now there is no need to put long lines in banks for money transactions. But the use of online banking is fraught with danger. In such a situation, caution should be used while using online banking. To carry out online banking scams, criminals create websites of similar banks on Google, with the help of which banking fraud is carried out. In such a situation, the user should always search the URLs on Google and not in the name of backing.

Online Medicine Search

Often people search the medicine by putting the symptoms of the disease on Google. But by doing so, you can die. Always consult a doctor before consuming the medicine. You can get information about the medicine from Google as information. But consult a doctor before use. Because Google cannot be an alternative to a doctor. Let me tell you that many medicines are banned. In such a situation, the use of any medicine can prove to be fatal. Also, you can go to jail.

Shopping Online

In the name of online shopping, there is a large-scale fraud. Counterfeit products of branded goods are sold indiscriminately in the name of huge discounts. Customers often search for coupons directly on Google, offering a variety of discounts. Your data will be stolen as soon as you click on a link for the coupon, and with the help of this, banking fraud is also done. In such a situation, it is advisable to always buy from a good e-commerce site.

Search Customer Care Number

Searching for customer care directly from Google can prove to be dangerous. Cybercriminals create a fake company and enter their number and email id. In such a situation, your data can be stolen by contacting customer care. It has become a major source of backing fraud. So, as far as possible, do not search for customer care number directly from Google.

Downloading online file or app

Downloading files or apps directly from Google from any unknown source can prove to be dangerous. One should always download the app from the official store. Such as Google Play for Android and the App Store for iPhone. Google is full of such software which can infiltrate your personal information.