If someone gets bigger, then Tum Deena’s support Mera O. Hamnawaz

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If someone gets bigger, then Tum Deena’s support Mera O. Hamnawaz

– Kavan Acharya

Thinking of what love might be, thinking that going to the house, due to the hot heat, the car’s AC was throwing down the cold. The sudden one passed through a footpath saw a cup.

A couple who had spent seven to seven decades of life passed through one side of the road. The elderly grandfather and Ba’a were holding on to each other’s hands. An elderly woman was paralyzed, and that grandfather appeared to support him on the side of paralyzed limbs.

It sounds very common but the presentation of love appeared in an elderly couple. Young still looking at the mild smile on his face and the love of each other. When the wedding is going on in Saptapada, the promises that Dada and Ba had given to one another may have been remembered even in old age.

Friends, we put on one another only the lines of promises but when we come to fulfill the promise we are retreating.

Those who choose to live in a synthetic life only believe in “good”. Friends, love is the beginning of God’s love. Love is the art of mutual knitting.

Love means praying to God in prayer and praying to God for one another. Love is the promise of getting open eyes. Love means Radha and Krishna’s resonance – Manamana. Love means sometimes it is customary to exchange diarrhea to congratulate each other by making a quarrel with each other.

There is nothing to prove in love. It is just a matter of being confined to mutual gassiness by each other’s miss code or message. After listening to the voice of a dear person in the morning, it is very important to start the day.

At the dusk, the joy of adding feelings by hiding in the campus of the temple and filling one another with another feeling is memorable. It is a very difficult task to define a particular form of love and that is why it is the mind to salute Dada and Ba. The word is a subject of love without word. That is why I also want to express that feeling in the words of Mukesh Joshi.

“Whatever the baby likes chocolate,
I like a girl. ”

Kauwan Acharya is also a copy editor of the VTV News website.
(Note: The above thoughts are the author’s personal opinion)

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