This actress arrives to attend her driver’s daughter’s wedding, does not boast of stardom

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Friends, on one side in the film industry, there are stars who boast of their stardom and money. On the other hand, there are actors and actresses who do not boast of their money at all. There are some who are not at all shy of going to the wedding and party of the people working at their home.

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Recently, Bollywood beautiful actress Raveena Tandon has shown her greatness by joining her driver’s daughter’s wedding with the whole family. On this special occasion of marriage, Raveena Tandon was accompanied by her husband Anil Thadani, daughter Rasha and her mother-in-law.

While Raveena Tandon wore a pink suit on this special occasion of marriage, her daughter Rasha looked quite beautiful wearing a light green lehenga. His wedding photos are becoming quite viral on social media. He has also been praised a lot.

Raveena Tandon considers the servants attached to her house to be part of her family and is involved in their happiness as well as advises her children to behave well.

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