Track TV Shows on Android Using TV Shows Tracker Apps

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Track TV Shows on Android Using TV Shows Tracker Apps

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TV Time

TV Time is the tool you need to help you keep track of all the shows you love.

TV Time helps you to:

TV Time allows you to keep track of all your live or streaming shows for free – including those on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, The CW, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, MTV, Bravo, BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Sky and more.

Download App: Click Here

Closing Words:

These are the best free TV shows tracker apps that you can use right on your Android phone. Also, if you want a simple app then you can go with the TV Series. But it completely depends on you which app you will use after checking them all out.
Here I have listed some best Android Apps to track TV shows on your phone. You can see the overall progress of the shows from the dashboard and do more. If you are a TV shows addict then these apps will be very useful. In this app, you can choose a TV series and you can mark episode or seasons that you want to watch. Sometimes we forget on which episode we were on a specific TV show so if you want to keep track then you can use these apps. You can specify the number of episodes and seasons that you have watched and simply keep updating that as you proceed further in the show. Apart from tracking, you can use these apps to discover new trending shows and add them to your watch list, read reviews.
Track TV Shows on Android Using TV Shows Tracker Apps
TV Series – Your Shows Manager

The best way to manage your shows: details, trailers, notifications, cloud and much more. With this app, you can add virtually any shows thanks to thetvdb’s huge database ( and the advanced search functions of TV Series.

The Features of TV Series – Your Shows Manager

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